Ron Paul with Monica Perez (podcast of October 22, 2016 show)

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Show notes…

I remember when I read that David Cameron won a second term as PM in England “defying polls” that something was up. I don’t believe polling science is behind technology or demographics or anything – I think they’re messing with us and when I saw the mainstream media in the US making much of the Cameron polling surprise, I knew it was building up to something. I’m still not sure what it is–could be as simple as trying to create confusion before November 8 or to keep the homestretch interesting, or it could be something more. Here are some of the articles that I think are leading up to something significant with respect to polling.


I was making picket signs for the march against Obamacare and before I knew it, my son made a sign of his own from a pencil & a post-it note…This is still one of my favorite pictures!

Election Fraud: A Few Interesting Videos

Regarding Hungary – it was beyond polling shenanigans and for sure had outright election fraud. Large amounts of votes were disqualified making the entire vote invalid despite a clear preference expressed by the voters.

Turnout was below 40%, preliminary results showed, far short of the 50% threshold needed to make a referendum binding. Authorities said a large number of votes were invalid and counted as no shows.

For more on election fraud, click here.

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Fake Preview of Third Presidential Debate 

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The Propaganda Report Episode 6: Cultural Propaganda


Desert Trip: The audience stretched as far as the eye could see.

IMPORTANT: WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO THE PODCAST (or at least before you get 35 minutes into it)

Audio Only: The Propaganda Report Episode 6

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The Propaganda Report Episode 5: Sock Puppet Wins Debate!


This is the flag I referred to in the show.

Show Notes…

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The Propaganda Report, Episode 4: Strategy of Tension


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The Propaganda Report Episode 4 on iTunesThe Propaganda Report Episode 4 on iTunes

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