Liberty on the Rocks This Thursday!!!

13901507_1149090738497900_3269128005443746958_nCome one, come all!!! The next Liberty on the Rocks is THIS THURSDAY!!! 6:30 at The Harp in Roswell…One great feature of LOTR is the 30-second soapbox at the beginning during which anyone can speak to promote his or her business, event, political action…I LOVE that idea! Please spread the word to liberty-loving businessmen and women you know as well as activists in the cause of liberty or justice–they will find like-minded people eager to stick together. I saw with the amazing results we achieved for the careathon that libertarians support each other! Not to mention – it is SUCH a good time!

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Heroin Agenda Also Unfolding Apace…

In my notes from February 2015, I wrote this under the heading Drug War 2.0:

If they legalize pot but still want to fund black ops they need to ramp up opium.

Then on my January 2016 show, The Year Ahead, the first prediction I made was this (starting at around 5:00 in hour 1):

I began to suspect that we might have a shift towards emphasizing heroin when I saw that George Soros was behind the legal pot movement…Obviously the establishment is sanctioning this trend in the different states for pot to be legal and that got me puzzling, because I read somewhere that 70% of the illegal drug trade is pot. (Now it’s hard to get the real stats.) And at the same time I have read plenty about how the illegal drug trade does fund black ops—CIA operations that can’t get Congressional funding–the most famous example of which is Iran-Contra…I thought the pot being legal has to be replaced by something else like heroin, which by the way has grown tremendously more now in Afghanistan since we took over from the Taliban than before…Or if the black ops money doesn’t get replaced then maybe the funding structure will be different, so the CIA will take a back seat and the NSA will do some of that stuff because the NSA gets funded directly. So I just feel like the heroin thing has a much bigger backstory than you’re gonna think, and it will be in the news more–kind of like free advertising…I think we will hear more of that [story] as the year progresses.

As I’ve noted before (see The Ferguson Effect), I’m not saying predicting an outcome is proof of causation, but it certainly supports the proposed thesis. My thesis in all these cases is the same: these are not unintended consequences, but foreseeable consequences that are either inevitable or intentional. So forgive me if I differ with Don Winslow, who, in one of this week’s WSJ Notable & Quotable, offers a “free market” explanation for the reported rise of heroin coinciding with the legalization of pot…

Notable & Quotable: How Marijuana Begat Heroin
‘Looking at the American drug market as it existed, Guzmán and his partners saw an opportunity.’

The article starts:

Okay, I’m going to say it: The heroin epidemic was caused by the legalization of marijuana.

Not too far off–I would say, “The heroin epidemic was caused by the same people who arranged for the legalization of marijuana.”

Weed was a major profit center for [the dominant cartel in Mexico, the Sinaloa], but suddenly they couldn’t compete against a superior American product that also had drastically lower transportation and security costs.

In a single year, the cartel suffered a 40 percent drop in marijuana sales, representing billions of dollars. Mexican marijuana became an almost worthless product. . . . Once-vast fields in Durango now lie fallow.

According to Winslow, in a move of “classic market economics,” Sinaloa decided to undercut pharmaceutical pricing on opiods by leveraging “some of the best poppy fields in the world.” But it was US government policy that provided the underserved market Sinaloa needed to make up lost pot revenue:

At the same time, American drug and law-enforcement officials, concerned about the dramatic surge in overdose deaths from pharmaceutical opioids (165,000 from 1999 to 2014), cracked down on both legal and illegal distribution, opening the door for Mexican heroin.

Given that Sinaloa is deeply connected with black ops in the US, it is safe to say that no US policies that affect them favorably aren’t meant to benefit them, and once again, they have.

For more on Sinaloa, see these articles on Operation Fast & Furious & Operation Cashwalker; and of course there’s plenty of great stuff out there about El Chapo and the DEA.

For my thoughts on why the powers-that-be might on balance choose to legalize pot and find another way to source black ops funding, click here.

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ZIKAgenda Unfolding on Schedule…


Another picture of Baby Daniel.

From the first Zika articles, the dots were easy to connect if you were looking for them:

Zika virus…Catholic countries…severe birth defects…birth control…abortion…

But maybe you haven’t yet noticed that every single thing in the mega-mainstream media like The Wall Street Journal is there for a reason and that reason is not to inform you but rather to manipulate you. If you haven’t gotten there yet (though I’m guessing you’re pretty close!), you might not read every article with an eye to what the manipulation is. Once you see the pattern, however, you can’t help but play my little newspaper-reading game: What’s the Agenda?

So if you were actually looking for the ZIKAgenda, you probably would have found it, and if you weren’t, you could have found it in my article on the subject back in February: ZIKAgenda. (This article is still worth a quick read.)

It took six months but at last, the ZIKAgenda is stated in no uncertain terms in Monday’s Wall Street Journal

Zika Virus Spread Renews Focus on Abortion Debate
Some Southern states, most vulnerable to spread of the virus, tighten restrictions

The renewed debate leapfrogs the questions of birth control and abortion in Catholic countries, which I highlighted in my February article, and gets right to pushing the envelope here at home focusing on late-term abortion:

The continued increase in the number of pregnant women possibly infected with Zika—which reached 529 in the states and the District of Columbia as of Aug. 11, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—is focusing renewed attention on the controversial issue of late-term abortions.

Some sources suggest that microcephaly is best detectable in the late second or early third trimester, though my (awesome!) son with Down syndrome showed a brain size of <3% from the first ultrasound, and I have read that these abnormalities begin early in pregnancy. The Journal further reports, however, that

The fetus may appear healthy in early ultrasounds, only to display signs of birth defects late in the pregnancy, or after birth. Yet as more time passes, abortion becomes less of an option because of state restrictions on the procedure, especially late in pregnancy.

I would like to see some evidence of the causal relationship between Zika infection and late-onset microcephaly, if there even is such a thing. My skepticism is compounded as I recall an article I read a year or two ago (I think it was a letter to the editor in the WSJ or the NYT) whose author argued that anencephaly precluded a baby from being human. (I couldn’t find that one, but here is one that highlights a similar argument.) I found it a noteworthy coincidence that the dehumanizing, go-to birth defect used to promote abortion is the one Zika is alleged to cause.

I have repeatedly updated my original ZIKAgenda article with analyses of the highly questionable connection between Zika and microcephaly, and even pointed out that pesticides, which have been suspected of causing microcephaly and anencephaly for decades and across continents, are now being sprayed in Florida and could actually make the problem worse rather than better.

By another highly convenient coincidence…

Abigail Aiken, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the study’s authors, said that while it was still unclear how prevalent Zika would become in the U.S., access to abortion for infected pregnant women was likely to become an issue in some areas. “The states likely to be hardest hit by Zika virus are also states where rates of unintended pregnancy are high and access to contraception and abortion services are most restricted,” Dr. Aiken said.

Here are a couple of other interesting, related articles….

SSRIs anti-depressants taken by mothers in the first trimester are associated with a 2.4x rate of anencephaly: Pregnant Mothers Should Not Take SSRI Antidepressants

See also…

Use of anencephalic newborns as organ donors

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This Week’s Podcast – on YouTube!!!

Thank you Binkley!!!

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Would We Have a Chance Against the Police State? Podcast of August 20, 2016 Show

Protesters Demonstrate During The Republican National Convention

TAMPA, FL – AUGUST 27: Law enforcement officers block a downtown street during a protest on August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. The demonstration was being held just before of the start of the Republican’s nominating convention which will hold its first session on August 28. The convention was scheduled to start on August 27 but was pushed back one day as Tropical Storm Isaac threatens to hit the Tampa area. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

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Second Amendment Gap (new glossary entry)


It has occurred to me that the Second Amendment could not fully constrain a tyrannical government if the citizenry does not have the same weapons as the government it empowers. Given that all branches of the federal government have conspired to limit the Second Amendment to allow to the citizenry only semi-automatic weapons or less, it seems that there is a major gap between the weapons the government could use to act against the people and the weapons the people have to defend themselves against an aggressive government. Limits on ammunition and body armor further emphasize the point.

This is what I have dubbed the Second Amendment Gap.

Despite this gap, I still defend the watered-down version of the Second Amendment under which we currently live. As is obvious by their calls for increasing gun control, the government does want to further encroach on our gun rights, in part, in my opinion, to ensure a desperate dependence on government for defense against everyday crime.

For many reasons, our gun rights, such as they are, must be defended to the last. But I also think that a single-issue focus on the Second Amendment empowers the GOP to maintain their place in our political duopoly while consistently delivering a lesser-of-two-evils candidate, secure in the knowledge that Republican voters won’t stray and risk a Democratic president appointing Supreme Court justices. We should be cognizant of this manipulation. In addition, a single amendment focus can take attention away from all the other amendments that are coming under increasing fire, especially the Fourth (which is as diluted as the Second) as well as the Fifth–and by extension the First. Don’t fall for the fear–this is our “live free or die” moment.

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Divide & Conquer on this week’s show…


David Powell of Henry County killed by police in a wrong-address call. The family claimed the police did not identify themselves or tell Powell to put down his defensive weapon before opening fire. No follow up on the story has been reported in the media to the best of my research.

BLM and cop-shootings are driving both the left and the right to demand more government, more policing, more central control…in short, we are being marched toward a Police State.

If these issues weren’t framed in terms of race, we might instead focus on the systematic transformation of policing in this country, which is adopting a more and more authoritarian, militant approach to law enforcement. If we focused on this as a universal rather than a divisive cause, perhaps we could slow it down–a worthy goal in part because the gap between militarized police and conventionally armed citizens is what I’m hereby dubbing the Second Amendment Gap. (The Second Amendment cannot effectively restrain a tyrannical government if it is grossly outgunned.)

But the Second Amendment Gap isn’t the only reason to keep policing under control. Remember David Hooks and Baby BouBou here in Georgia. And you probably haven’t even heard of Ryan Johnson or David Powell, also in Georgia. (And going further afield, google Andrew Thomas of California.) We are being deliberately divided along racial lines over an issue that affects us all, as these mostly under-reported cases demonstrate.  And to divide us further, those in law enforcement are increasingly made to fear those they are meant to protect. Not good if you want the majority in law enforcement to be on your side against an increasingly unConstitutional federal govt.

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