French Energy Giant Total’s CEO Dies In Plane Crash. Cause: “Negligence, Drunkenness” – but wait, that guy doesn’t drink!

Catch this headline in The Wall Street Journal this morning?

Russia Cites Negligence, Drunkenness on Jet Crash that Killed Total CEO

The driver of the snowplow on the runway was drunk. Case closed, right? Only the article itself says the following three things that directly contradict this claim: (1) “a spokeswoman for the airport said all airfield service employees undergo tests for alcohol before and after their shifts. She refused to comment on this particular case.” (2) “A lawyer for the driver said medical records showed that Mr. Martymenko wasn’t under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident and doesn’t drink alcohol because of a chronic heart complaint.” (3) The lawyer further stated that the driver “wasn’t drunk, was directed to where he was by flight dispatchers.” Why would flight dispatchers direct the snowplow in front of the plane? Negligence? Incompetence? Of course, you can’t dismiss the sinister out of hand- one must always ask: Cui bono? De Margerie was known to favor Russia for future oil deals and to see no reason to denominate energy deals in dollars. (I wasn’t going to go there, but the spin in this story made me dig a little deeper.)

Ever hear of DRACO? MIT drug that cures the flu, the common cold & EBOLA!

Have you ever heard of this? DRACO is an experimental anti-viral they are developing at MIT that cures the flu, the common cold, EBOLA! and many other viruses… Below is a (hard to listen to) video from its creator, and here’s how wiki describes it: “DRACO (“Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) Activated Caspase Oligomerizer”) is a group of experimental antiviral drugs under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. DRACO is reported to have broad-spectrum efficacy against many infectious viruses, including Marburg marburgvirus and Zaire ebolavirus, dengue flavivirus, Amapari and Tacaribe arenavirus, Guama bunyavirus, H1N1 influenza and rhinovirus. DRACO is reported to induce rapid apoptosis selectively in virus-infected mammalian cells, while leaving uninfected cells unharmed.” Interesting, huh?

My next show is October 25 3pm-6pm on WSB…I’ll be discussing ebola and how “they” are not going to let a good crisis go to waste! (No DRACO for you!)


Following up on this, I just discovered that Draper Labs bought DRACO. Draper Labs is also now run by a former DARPA senior official. So the government basically owns DRACO now & I have read the suggestion that they might not want to spread it around lest it make biological weapons obsolete.

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Todd Rider joins Draper
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The Very Big Picture

These two Crosstalks on RT include some guests who hint at the real power structure / power struggle in the world. I have found that often even sophisticated, analytical discussions stop short of really exploring the behind the scenes power mechanisms at work on the world stage, but in these two episodes some of the panelists refer to the possibility that war for war’s sake (ie, in the service of the military industrial complex), chaos as the end game (to destabilize regions they can’t outright control), the financial underpinnings of war and foreign policy, etc., so I thought it would be worth sharing them with you. I especially think it’s worth listening for these deeper insights as a way to identify experts who might actually simply try to get to and share the truth rather than serve an agenda or generate disinformation. Some of these guys (even the ones who seem “fair”) are actually there for the very reason that they do seem fair so they can deliberately stop short of the actual big picture truth – you decide who is who!

This one is the current episode…

This one is a little older, but was even better, in my opinion…

jeff amason

Meet Jeff Amason, Libertarian Candidate for Georgia House in District 21 (Cherokee County)

As election day draws near, I thought I would repost the interview I did with Jeff Amason. Here it is:

The AJC fact checked Jeff’s claim on the show about the out-of-control budget and gave it the thumbs up: 
Libertarian on mark with state budget claim

Also, from the Amason campaign:

Libertarian Jeff Amason is running for Georgia House in District 21 (Cherokee County) as a write-in candidate after being denied ballot access on a notary technicality. Please contact the campaign if you would like more information about his candidacy or would like to help with the campaign.



Behind the Sinking of the Lusitania, by Pat Buchanan

The picture below shows the warning published by the German government about sailing on the Lusitania.

About how America became involved in certain wars, many conspiracy theories have been advanced — and some have been proved correct.

When James K. Polk got his declaration of war as Mexico had “shed American blood upon the American soil,” Rep. Abraham Lincoln demanded to know the exact spot where it had happened.

And did the Spanish really blow up the battleship Maine <continue reading>



There’s Only One Game: Podcast of September 1, 2014 Show

Hour 1
Hour 2
Hour 3
Hour 4

This is the Ron Paul clip in which he discusses a just war…

Here is the Victoria Nuland speech to Chevron / Exxon…

Here is the Hillary interview the day MH17 was shot down…

Here is the article purporting to show John McCain with the head of ISIS!
John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph

This Weekend’s Show: Monday, Labor Day, 3PM-7PM ET on News 95-5 and AM750 WSB

Football season is back! As great as it is that WSB is home of the DAWGS, there is one downside: The Monica Perez Show gets batted around a bit. This weekend, I will not be on Saturday 3-6 as I normally am, but I will have four hours on Monday, Labor Day, 3PM-7PM. If you can’t catch the show, as always, I will post the podcast later in the week.