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by L. Fletcher Prouty

L. Fletcher Prouty was Mr. X, Oliver Stone’s version of “deep throat” in the movie “JFK.” Prouty was “a retired colonel of the US Air Force, jet pilot, and former professor of air science and tactics at Yale University….during the Kennedy years, [he] served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was directly in charge of the global system designed to provide military support for the clandestine activities of the CIA.” (From the book jacket.)

While those credentials can give Prouty a tremendous amount of credibility, they can also throw up a red flag. Something like this–a tell-all by someone associated with the intelligence community–almost always spells disinformation in my experience. Furthermore, it was first published as a serial by the Church of Scientology. That in itself is not enough for me to dismiss the book’s veracity–I know a few Scientologists and they are not as nutty as they are made out to be, however, I have read convincing reports that L. Ron Hubbard was a government operative whose personal history was a “legacy” created for him by Intelligence and whose operations were fronts for psychological experimentation. Therefore, it is somewhat suspect to me that this work by a special operations chief first appeared in a Scientology publication, and I must consider the possibility that this book is in fact disinformation. On the other hand, if this is not disinfo, then Prouty is a courageous hero who should be honored. It’s a tough call!

No matter which way Prouty shakes out, though, good disinformation is still mostly true. This is necessary to establish veracity and can be described as a “limited hangout,” in which the intelligence community deems that it is worth saying some things against interest in order to drive home critical disinfo. My goal in examining a work like this is to take from it the real information, the stuff they are “hanging out,” while not falling for the disinformation.

With that in mind, let me share with you what, to the best of my judgment, are profound truths found in this book. Specifically, what drives the power elite? And how exactly does the CIA micromanage events to serve their goals? Continue reading

Shirtless Cheeseball or Class Act?

Russia's President Vladimir Putin fishes in the Yenisei River in Siberia

This video demonstrated something interesting to me about standards, dignity, decorum, etc. My last facebook post was a video (see below) of how ignorant our college kids can be and I think those low standards reach up to the highest levels in our society, certainly in our government–but that’s not true everywhere. Putin really looks like a cheeseball when he takes his shirt off, but he often demonstrates statesmanship and dignity, albeit in the context of his own culture (e.g., “blanketgate” where he gave the first lady of China a blanket in the cold).

In the video, Putin was thanking his police escort and I don’t think it was a photo op as it first appeared because if you watch the video to the end, you will see he wouldn’t board the plane before the stewardess, he made her go first (as in “ladies first”) – who would even think that way in that context? That’s ingrained etiquette…

Vladimir Putin+Russia+China first lady+Peng Liyuan+Beijing++2+Chivalry+Blanket+Coat+Nonverbal Communication Expert+Body Language Expert+Speaker+Keynote+Consultant+Las Vegas+Los Angeles+Orlando+NYC

This contrasts with a clip I heard in 2008 of Rachel Maddow lambasting Bush for not reneging on the Australian ambassador who was slated to stay as a guest at the White House so that the Obamas could stay there and get their feet wet before the inauguration. Maddow said something like, “It’s the OBAMAS for God’s sake – the OBAMAS!” as if Obama’s status meant Bush should slight a “lesser” person. That’s when I saw how really trashy elitism is. (h/t Hugh)


Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster Griffin Tarpley

My husband recently said to me after a party, “You’re like my pet hyena. When I take you out I really should ask people, ‘How close do you want to get?’” When I repeated this to a few friends, they were shocked at how well I took it. I, on the other hand, was shocked that they were shocked – it’s just too apropos to take offense at! I actually go out of my way sometimes to up the intensity with people I meet just to see how far apart we are. If I say something “deep” and the audience catches right on, I start from there, otherwise I proceed with caution. Here was my opening line that evening… Continue reading

America in Chains

More on the set-up…

I recently read a quote that confirmed my suspicions that the powers-that-be may or do try to use our libertarian principles against us…given the recent Kaci Hickox psy-op, I thought this would be a good time to share it with you…

Samuel Huntington, whose credentials as a New World Order insider are too numerous to mention, wrote (you can skip to the bold part at the end for the punchline):

Lacking any concept of the state, lacking for most of its history both the centralized authority and the bureaucratic apparatus of the European state, the American polity has historically been a weak polity. It was designed to be so, and the traditional inheritance and social environment combined for years to support the framers’ intentions. In the twentieth century, foreign threats and domestic economic and social needs have generated pressures to develop stronger, more authoritative decision-making and decision-implementing institutions. Yet the continued presence of deeply felt moralistic sentiments among major groups in American society could continue to ensure weak and divided government, devoid of authority and unable to deal satisfactorily with the economic, social and foreign challenges confronting the nation. Intensification of this conflict between history and progress could give rise to increasing frustration and increasingly violent oscillations between moralism and cynicism. American moralism ensures that government will never be truly efficacious; the realities of power ensure that government will never be truly democratic. This situation could lead to a two-phase dialectic involving intensified efforts to reform government, followed by intensified frustration when those efforts produce not progress in a liberal-democratic direction, but obstacles to meeting perceived functional needs. The weakening of government in an effort to reform it could lead eventually to strong demands for the replacement of the weakened and ineffective institutions by more authoritarian structures more effectively designed to meet historical needs. Given the perversity of reform, moralistic extremism in the pursuit of liberal democracy could generate a strong tide toward authoritarian efficiency. (emphasis added)*

So if, say, some unreasonable extremist who has never balked at a DUI check-point all of a sudden refuses to take a blood test for Ebola after having direct exposure with Ebola patients, prevents the government from containing a pandemic, then the citizenry will demand more government and an end to the American Experiment? What if such a nutjob doesn’t actually exist? Might it be efficacious to create one? Could that be why this nutjob happens to be a CDC intelligence officer? Could that be why the CDC has intelligence officers to start out with?

*Excerpt from Barack Obama: The Unauthorized Biography, p. 54.


Proof! It IS a Set-Up! Kaci Hickox is a CDC “Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer”

Natural News reports that Kaci Hickox, the defiant nurse who won’t abide by the most reasonable safety measures since her alleged return from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, was recruited by the CDC just two years ago as an “Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer!” I take reports of any kind, from the mainstream media to what I call the “alternative alternative media,” with a grain of salt – I simply don’t believe what I read or hear without some convincing evidence…Well, the pdf Natural News found seems to be the real deal and shows Nurse Hickox, including her real name, as being in the “EIS” class of 2012…check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

Here is the Natural News article:
Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence officer by the CDC

and here is the pdf of the CDC document that shows her photo in the “class of 2012″ (she’s on page 138)
62nd Annual
Epidemic Intelligence
Service (EIS) Conference
Volume 62 Number 1 April 22–26, 2013

Official Media confirms the story but of course doesn’t highlight that this is a psy-op, just casually mentions she works for the CDC, implying that the significance is merely that she got released from quarantine with the help of a White House-connected lawyer because she herself is connected. (The Daily Caller, Released Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Works For CDC…Her Lawyer Is A White House Visitor). The Dallas Morning News also mentioned her connection to the CDC in passing when giving Nurse Hickox’s bio a few days ago: Nurse, former UTA student, is quarantined in New Jersey despite testing negative for Ebola.

This is just deep state all the way. I immediately smelled a rat with this chick and wrote about what I consider to be very serious implications of this psy-op for the cause of liberty. For my recent article on this, click here: Libertarians Beware! It’s a Set-up!

Hat-tip to Billy Burke for alerting me to this story.


Libertarians Beware! It’s a Set-Up!

I’ve been noticing something lately that worries me, and to make matters worse, I think I might be on the other side of this one from my hero Ron Paul and even the great Murray Rothbard! Disagreeing with Ron Paul doesn’t worry me – I disagree with him from time to time – he’s my hero more because he has the courage of his convictions than because I share those convictions (though I usually do), but disagreeing with Murray Rothbard is a much bigger deal for an anarcho-capitalist!

Fortunately, the disagreement is about tactics more than principles, but still it worries me. Rothbard and Paul both tend toward the “take what you can get” approach to political gain, and I’m not one to refuse libertarian inroads anywhere I can find them, but I do feel that an eyes-wide-open attitude is increasingly in order and events unfolding as I write are about to demonstrate exactly what we libertarians need to keep our eyes open to. The powers that be are picking and choosing our liberties for us not as a compromise but as a trap—a trap not only to play into their hands to increase power at the top, but even worse, to make libertarian principles look utopian and irresponsible. Here are a few examples… Continue reading


The Ebola Crisis will NOT go to waste!

Government incompetence again? Really? This is just an argument I can’t buy anymore. If these guys are so incompetent, why do they remain rich and powerful and continue to march us down the road to serfdom decade after decade no matter which party is in office? The truth is, a fundamental rule of political power is as Rahm Emanuel told us: never let a good crisis go to waste. But it’s not much of a stretch to take that one step further and suggest that Rahm might have added, “Don’t stop a good crisis too soon.” And that’s exactly what I think they are doing with the Ebola scare – making sure that we are scared enough to let the government do, as Mr. Emanuel put it, “things you think you could not do before.” What might that be? Many have suggested that an Ebola scare is just what Big Pharma needs to sell mass quantitites of vaccines. That might be true, but I think the bigger goal of the Ebola scare is to get AFRICOM firmly entrenched in Liberia where it has wanted to be since its inception in 2008. Why? AFRICOM’s mission is to ensure US access to resources on that continent and to keep countries like China from getting preferential treatment there. Obama is putting anywhere from three to five thousand troops in Africa without so much as a nod to Congress – pretty slick! To hear more on why this libertarian smells a rat, here is a clip from my show this weekend.

For the full podcast of the show and more on the many nuances to this story that you are not getting even with 24/7 news coverage from the mainstream media, click here.

pham obama

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! Ebola’s Gonna Get You! Podcast of October 25, 2014 Show

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Click on the links below to follow up on some of the references I made during the show…

Ever hear of DRACO? It cures the cold, the flu AND EBOLA!

(with emphasis on development of leaders)
…aka the Lansdale Stilwell Report, reputed to be one of the most influential military documents in modern history. This is the framework for shifting the military from a defense organization to a mechanism to shape countries from within politically.

Scientist calls for death to humanity….the crazy story of the much celebrated Dr. Eric Pianka calling for an aerosol Ebola to kill 95% of humanity! This article is corroborated by other people attending the speech.

Jon Rappoport’s article What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone? about Tulane University doing bioweapons research on Ebola in January 2014.

The must read: Report from Iron Mountain

Webster Tarpley’s Unauthorized Biography of Barack Obama

Armed Men Allegedly Poison New Georgia Well from The Liberian Observer

Formaldeyde in Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-like Symptoms from The Liberian Observer

Here’s a poignant video…


French Energy Giant Total’s CEO Dies In Plane Crash. Cause: “Negligence, Drunkenness” – but wait, that guy doesn’t drink!

Catch this headline in The Wall Street Journal this morning?

Russia Cites Negligence, Drunkenness on Jet Crash that Killed Total CEO

The driver of the snowplow on the runway was drunk. Case closed, right? Only the article itself says the following three things that directly contradict this claim: (1) “a spokeswoman for the airport said all airfield service employees undergo tests for alcohol before and after their shifts. She refused to comment on this particular case.” (2) “A lawyer for the driver said medical records showed that Mr. Martymenko wasn’t under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident and doesn’t drink alcohol because of a chronic heart complaint.” (3) The lawyer further stated that the driver “wasn’t drunk, was directed to where he was by flight dispatchers.” Why would flight dispatchers direct the snowplow in front of the plane? Negligence? Incompetence? Of course, you can’t dismiss the sinister out of hand- one must always ask: Cui bono? De Margerie was known to favor Russia for future oil deals and to see no reason to denominate energy deals in dollars. (I wasn’t going to go there, but the spin in this story made me dig a little deeper.)