On this week’s show…Update on Ukraine!…Oh wait – why does the US care about Ukraine again????

The pat answer to why there’s a problem in Ukraine is basically that Putin is an expansionist megalomaniac who wants to be President of Russia for life, wants to reassemble the Soviet Union and wants to have statues of himself erected all over Russia like Stalin did. Seriously, I have heard all of those reasons in the mainstream media. Problem is, even if all of that were true, it doesn’t actually explain the crisis in Ukraine, because the US started that one plain and simple. (If you want proof, check out my post and podcast: Exposing the Shadow Government in Ukraine (and the US?))

Even if we hadn’t started it and Putin did actually start it because he’s a megalomaniacal tyrant, why does the United States care about it at all much less care about it more than Europe does??? The EU is going kicking and screaming down the path of hostility with Russia and we’re egging them on at every step. Within minutes of the downing of flight MH17, the US governmental-media continuum made it crystal clear: “Now the EU MUST join the US in sanctioning Russia.” And so they have.

But again I ask, why do we care so much? It’s not like they’re threatening to spread communism – after all, We’re All Socialists Now! It’s gotta to be more in the lines of realpolitik or some other vague or cronyistic “American interest,” but what specifically?  I can think of several reasons the western power elite might want to beat Russia back with a stick right now, each of which I will cover on the show this Saturday (regular time 3PM-6PM ET on WSB.)

To get you primed, I am posting below a few good articles that give some background on the situation and some clips I’m going to play on the show to help explain why I think the military industrial complex (which I always go out of my way to specifically define as primarily the finance, energy and defense industries – like the WSJ inadvertently does in the headline below), and specifically US oil and gas companies, might be behind this.

Here is Hillary Clinton within hours of the downing of flight MH17 laying out the three things she expects the tragedy to accomplish, including that the EU move away from energy dependence on Russia.

And here is Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland early this year reporting to the executives from Chevron and Exxon (competitors?), while still complaining of Ukrainian jetlag, that she just got back from trying to shape the direction of Ukraine, that over the years “we” (meaning you and I) have spent $5 billion in Ukraine to steer it toward Europe generally and the IMF specifically (!) and thanking profusely these energy giants for all their help in this regard, in standing shoulder to shoulder with “us,” and in praise of their continued efforts to make Ukraine a hospitable place for giant American oil companies. (Well, that last point is not a direct quote, but in the last minute or two of the video that’s the definite impression one gets!)

There are other possible explanations for our belligerent behavior toward Russia, including: the new anti-dollar movement among the BRICS nations led by none other than Putin’s Russia; there’s also the very long term plan of what the New World Order should look like (Zbigniew Brzezinski recently said we must move toward a bipolar world of the US and China with Russia playing catch-up); perhaps it’s the old Report from Iron Mountain plan, ie, Big Government needs Big Enemies to justify its existence and maintain consent of the governed.  This is a big nut to crack and there’s lots to talk about, so it’s a good thing we have 3 hours!

Here are the articles…

Is Putin Worse Than Stalin? by Pat Buchanan

My thoughts On Pat Buchanan’s Brilliant And Incisive Take On Washington’s Ukrainian Fiasco, by David Stockman

On Dominoes, WMDs And Putin’s “Aggression”: Imperial Washington Is Intoxicated By Another Big Lie, by David

US, Europe Turn Up Heat on Russia: Sweeping Sanctions Target Banking, Energy & Defense Industries; Western Companies Brace for Impact Wall Street Journal

A Time of Unprecedented Instability? An Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski

In one of Stockman’s articles above, he alludes to how Secretary of State James Baker in 1990 promised Gorbachev that if Russia let East Germany reunite with West Germany and be a part of NATO, the west would not expand NATO a “single inch” to the east. Since that time, the west has expanded NATO to include the exact countries that Gorbachev was worried about. The implication is that if anyone has been expansionist, it has been the west. Here are the post-promise members of NATO…

12 March 1999  Czech Republic Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991 as part of Czechoslovakia.
 Hungary Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991.
 Poland Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1990.
29 March 2004  Bulgaria Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991.
 Estonia Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991 as part of the Soviet Union.
 Latvia Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991 as part of the Soviet Union.
 Lithuania Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991 as part of the Soviet Union.
 Romania Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991.
 Slovakia Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1991 as part of Czechoslovakia.
 Slovenia Previously part of Yugoslavia 1945–1991 (Non-aligned)
1 April 2009  Albania Member of the rival Warsaw Pact 1955–1968.
 Croatia Previously part of Yugoslavia 1945–1991 (Non-aligned)

For more on the expansion of NATO…

And in case you’re wondering why there’s a cartoon manatee at the top of this post, click through to watch this CNN video, Chris Cuomo loses it on RT host Peter Lavelle, then come back here and watch the youtube video below. The last two minutes of Cuomo’s “interview” reminds me of an old Dr. Katz skit. It’s a little out there, but tell me if you get it:


Human Nature & The Wiki Concept

I stumbled upon this video while trying to look up something depressing on Wikipedia (specifically, what Wikipedia says about MH17). I absent-mindedly typed in “wiki” in the search box and this is what came up…

I watched it because the idea of wiki-style shared information appeals to me (see below) and I’m sharing it because it actually choked me up as a positive example of man’s natural impetus to create and to share, and a reminder of how advanced we really are (barring the sociopaths at the top, of course).

The more I read things like The Report from Iron Mountain or try to puzzle through certain hard to explain events, I begin to believe that at current levels of technology (ie, all basic needs can be met for everyone on earth right now), we could have peace and prosperity in a free system, but that the powers-that-be engineer strife to justify the existence of the modern state. (For more on this, check out my podcasts on The Report from Iron Mountain and The JFK Assassination). Ends up, seeing this example of the goodness inherent in creation that Ward Cunningham’s demeanor exudes in this video informed me much better than if I had actually gotten to the MH17 entry as I had planned!

By way of background, the reason the wiki idea appeals to me is two-fold:

(1) I am a firm believer in voluntarism. I think human nature or the current state of our social conditioning at least, lends itself to creating and sharing and to appreciating the work of others. It’s why I love our restaurant tipping system. People pay quite a lot for service at a restaurant even though they are in no way legally obliged to do so. They would not get arrested if they ran out on a tip and they would be gone so fast they probably wouldn’t even get seen doing so, yet during the seven years I waitressed, almost every single person left a tip and tips were 15% or more the vast majority of the time. Wiki and tipping are examples of voluntarism and I love them! (I don’t suggest voluntarism is perfect, just that it’s far better than the coercive system the modern state is based on.)

(2) My second reason for liking the wiki idea is its theoretical implications for free markets. According to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, he based the concept of Wikipedia on FA Hayek’s Theory of Knowledge, which basically says that no one person knows everything but that everyone together know everything. That is why free markets and free pricing reflect all the information needed to distribute goods and services to their highest purpose, while central planning is hopeless. It is why I believe that in a free system, given that we can now affordably produce all the necessities of life for everyone on earth, all prices for goods and services would be bid to the level of clearing: all labor would go to food until all got food, then differentiation would work next level necessities into the universal category, then second and third level goods would go to those who could add higher level value to the system. Yes, wealth would not be evenly distributed, but value-added would be compensated and even the least skilled would benefit (as of course they do even today). And frankly, wealth would at least be more evenly distributed than it is today, because government could not use its monopoly control over our rights for the purpose of bestowing privilege to the most powerful. (For more on this concept, see my summary of Our Enemy the State.)


Who is to blame for the humanitarian crisis resulting from the downing of flight MH17? (Take the poll.)

In my opinion from watching this CNN interview and also from watching Crosstalk on RT, I think Peter Lavelle has a much better grasp of the facts than Chris Cuomo, which is probably why Cuomo is talking over him and calling him names. Unfortunately, however, one thing Lavelle doesn’t answer is the accusation that comes from Cuomo and has been flying around US media for days: Why did the Eastern Ukrainians leave the bodies in the field?  The answer seems obvious to me based on a press conference I watched from Saturday (two days after the downing) in which the leader of Donetsk, Alexander Borodai, begs for permission from “the international community” to remove the bodies or for officials to drive the 4 hours from Kiev and do it themselves. (See the press conference below.)

Here is the CNN clip of Cuomo and Lavelle going at it: Cuomo-Lavelle tete-a-tete

Just in case this disappears, here are some of Cuomo’s statements for the record:
“This is Peter Lavelle who works for RT, a part of the Russian government-owned news operation there.”
“I don’t know how intelligent your answers are but my questions are spot on.”
“I’m not a representative of the US government, [but] you’re a representative of Russia.” [to which Lavelle responds: you resort to "character assassination within five minutes!"]
“What you’re saying is frightening.”
I sound like is a reporter who feels deeply for the 298 lives who were lost who were not part of this conflict and don’t need to be part of your discussion about Russia being unfairly blamed.”
“You need to remind yourself of the job my friend.”
“Here’s the difference between you and me, Peter:
You are obsessed with clearing Russia from culpability and that’s okay. I am focused on talking about how this plane and its victims were treated.”
“This is a joke. We have to get out of this [inaudible].” [Cuomo gestures to walk off.]
“Why should you carry water for Russia when you’re supposed to be a journalist?”
“Peter Lavelle, your obvious appetite and desire for what to do is to represent the best interests of Russia no matter what the facts are and to shout down people who are asking legitimate questions….let the audience decide.”
“Peter Lavelle you have to live with what you do for a living. I appreciate your coming on New Day so people can experience your answers and thought process for themselves.”
The full video can also be found in this article at mediaite.

I do think it’s a bit ironic that Cuomo, son of former NY Governor Mario Cuomo, accuses Lavelle of carrying water for the Russian government when Cuomo is in the inner circle of an elite US ruling family. (See image above for the circles in which Chris’s brother, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, travels). As a matter of fact, when I first heard Chris Cuomo was a “journalist” I laughed out loud – kinda like when I realized the intrepid John Miller of CBS – the one who got all the “exclusives” in the Dzokhar Tsarnaev case - used to be a national spokesman for the FBI!

As the youngest of nine siblings, not all of whom I would want to be held accountable for, I do not vote for guilt by association, I merely suggest that when politicians and journalists share a dinner table, truth is not sitting at the head. (This is actually a serious issue that has only recently been getting some attention, for example: Presidents of ABC and CBS News Have Siblings Working at White House With Ties to Benghazi.)

At the end of the video, Cuomo says “let the audience decide” – so what do you think?

Please also watch this press conference of Alexander Borodai, acting prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, begging for permission from the international community to remove the bodies or for officials to drive the 4 hours from Kiev to start the investigation. This was on Saturday, two days after the crash and four days ago from today. (You might have to click the cc/closed captioning button in the lower right of the video for English subtitles to show up.)

I found Borodai’s pleas to be sincere. Do you? Another poll follows the video.

For more MSM RT-baiting, here’s one from the BBC…

For the Peter Lavelle’s full program on MH17 spin…


Evidence on Flight MH17 begins to emerge…or does it?

Here are two articles from ZeroHedge presenting evidence that counters the official narrative the mainstream media rolled out literally within minutes that the news of the downing of flight MH17 hit the airwaves. My first reaction at the time was: how the heck do they know what happened before anyone even got to the crash site? Well, the initial reporting was rash to say the least.

Let’s continue to see what evidence emerges in this story and evaluate it the way government evaluates its intel (which is 80% open source!): weigh the credibility of the source and the plausibility of the information. I’m fine discounting Russia Today, for example, as low credibility, but our propaganda machines (Fox, CNN, etc.) are absolutely no better in my mind. So we are left with plausibility of information. That assessment I leave to you…

Key Piece of Video “Evidence” for Russian Responsibility for Malaysian Plane Shootdown Debunked

Russia Says Has Photos Of Ukraine Deploying BUK Missiles In East, Radar Proof Of Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity

As we fast approach the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, let us not forget that the United States got into that war because Germany sank the Lusitania with Americans on-board…problem is, Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, did all he could to put innocent Americans in harms way, even trying to trick Germany into accidentally sinking one of our vessels.

In my opinion, World War I, more than any other single event (and there are plenty of good candidates), marked the beginning of the end of the American Experiment. The end of the end of it might well be World War III. If the plan really is to deliver the coup de grace via a full-on hot war, I would guess a Democrat is slated to win the White House in 2016…only a Democrat could get away with it, just as one observer astutely pointed out only a Republican president will be able to pull off grabbing our guns.

In case you don’t know the significance of World War I and why we got involved in it, this fascinating interview offers a clue…


MH17: MSM Rushes to Judgment: Podcast of July 19, 2014 Show

If you have any trouble listening to the podcast, try wsb.

Hour 1

Hour 2

hour 3

This is a must watch press conference from eastern Ukraine about the stalling tactics of the west in beginning the flight MH17 investigation. This directly contradicts MSM propaganda reports.

As I said, there is some disgruntlement even in western Ukraine as men are conscripted to fight their countrymen in the east. Here is the mother of a conscript protesting in the west.

The US government (specifically, Department of State spokeswoman Jen Psaki) says west Ukraine’s aggression toward east Ukraine is justifiable based on Kiev’s right to maintain Ukraine’s “territorial integrity.” I would argue that “territorial integrity” is not a justification to prevent secession. In the US, for example, those who argue in favor of Lincoln’s right to force the south to remain in the Union almost always cite ending slavery not maintaining territorial integrity. In other words, it’s a humanitarian argument and not based on the Law of Nations which expressly allows for secessions such as Crimea’s and potentially east Ukraine’s.

On a side note, the west calls east Ukraine’s resistors “separatists” yet Russian press calls them “federalists.” There is definitely some linguistic spin in this…as my 8-year-old son tells me, “Separatists are the bad guys!” I asked him how he knew and he said he learned it from Star Wars. Ha! I’m not reading too much into it, just thought that was interesting. But it does actually matter if they are simply fighting for a confederation rather than a separation. My guess is that at this point there will never be a Ukrainian federation to include the east, but it might have been a reasonable compromise at one point.

Here is the document I referred to that explores the necessity of war to gain society’s consent to coercive government: Report from Iron Mountain

Here is something on Churchill and the Lusitania false flag which got the United States to join World War I for no valid defensive reason: False Flag at Sea.

And in case you don’t think western advisers would ever recommend a false flag to start a desired war, check this out from the esteemed Washington Institute for Near East Policy. In case you haven’t heard of this organization, here’s a line about it from Wikipedia: This Institute’s “research is timely and policy related, and its recommendations have been adopted by policymakers.

On the show a caller reminded me of the Iranian airliner flight 655 that was shot down by the USS Vincennes in 1988. I missed the reference but here’s the wiki entry: Iran Air Flight 655.

Here‘s the entry on Korean Air Lines Flight 007 that was shot down by the Soviets as a spy plane in 1983. You’ve probably heard of that one, but not of the Korean Airlines Flight 902 that was forced to land in 1978 by the Soviets, again suspecting Korean Airlines was using passenger planes on spy missions. Here‘s the wiki entry on that.

If you’re interested in my analysis of what happened to the first Malaysian Airlines flight to go down this year, check out: Cracking the Code on Malaysia Flight 370 for the podcast and The Ping is the Thing for the article.


What Would Make YOU Leave AMERICA? Podcast of July 12, 2014 Show

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

A few of the references from the show:

Complexity & Chaos, Empires on the Edge of Chaos, by Niall Ferguson

Neo-conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea, a review of Irving Kristol’s book.

On this week’s show…

I’m back from, among other things, visiting my ancestral homeland in western Ireland…you can’t tell by looking at me or by my name, but two of my grandparents emigrated to Brooklyn (that part you might have guessed!) from Ireland – I’m even a citizen of Ireland!

The trip was a great experience & getting my head out of the news for awhile got me thinking about more positive subjects, like the courage and hope that drove our forebears from their native lands to American shores. Of course many were driven to our shores out of sheer desperation and many others were brought here against their wills…we shall cover all the bases on this week’s show, including such questions as: What drove your ancestors here? What would drive you to leave here now? How grievous must injustice be, or perhaps voluntary migration is now a purely economic decision? Is there a hidden hand directing world migration patterns today?

My New York experience is obviously very different from the Atlanta experience. When I grew up, every single solitary kid in my grammar school class had grandparents who were born in another country – every one! Mostly Irish & Italian, but a few others too. You’ll have to fill me in on your perspectives – perhaps the immigrant experience here is more about Yankees than foreigners!

And of course there’s no comparing the immigration history of blacks and whites, but how much of that is truly responsible for the issues that come between us today and to what extent is racial tension in America a product of government policy, past and present?

I also want to touch on the bigger picture cultural changes that come from immigration and my thought that this is part of a larger plan to “normalize” the regions of the world for an easier integration into world government and a phasing out of national sovereignty. (And no, this is not a conspiracy theory, I have many references to prove the world government plan – for some examples, check out my new tab “Quotes” above.)

For a little “deep history” on the plan to change our culture so it can be integrated with others, check out this fascinating interview with Norman Dodd. Mr Dodd ran the research for the Congressional Reece Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations in 1952. He found that, beginning with the Carnegie Foundation, these institutions were in fact deliberately undermining the American culture in an effort to make it collective rather than individual and controlled rather than free. The whole interview is interesting, but if you just want the shockers, start with the 15 minutes that begin at around 18:45…

For excerpts of the Dodd Report to the Reece Committee, click here…if you wish to save time, just read the underlined passages.