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Do you smell a rat with how this “Sony Hack” is unfolding? I know you do because I’ve gotten an unprecedented amount of emails etc. telling me the story seems a bit contrived. This is a big operation to be a put-up job, but stranger things have happened. I’ll be reading your comments on the air, but you can call in yourself during the show at 404-872-0750 and 800 WSB TALK.


Dying for a Cigarette: The Eric Garner Case. Podcast of December 6, 2014 Show

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In Memory of Robert Saylor….

Does anyone remember Robert Saylor? I do. I reported his death on the air over a year ago. I still choke up when I think of him because I have a stubborn son with Down syndrome who is sometimes hard to redirect.

Robert Saylor didn’t want to leave a movie theater & when the cops were called he was put face down on the ground and died of positional asphyxia. The officers were never indicted and I don’t know that they should have been, yet Robert Saylor’s death was a tragedy and no one seemed to care. Did it change policy? Did it bring positional asphyxiation into public consciousness? Apparently not. I’ll have more to say about this case and the Eric Garner case on tomorrow’s show.

Robert Saylor’s Death Ruled A Homicide: Man With Down Syndrome Died In Police Custody


Homework assignment…please watch this video before the show tomorrow….

I’ve mostly ignored what’s been happening in Ferguson because, like the George Zimmerman trial, I feel the incident was used to manipulate us and to divide us. I intended to do the same with the Eric Garner protests, particularly after I saw the protesters holding up pre-printed signs – that’s just too overproduced for me to take seriously. (When I and tens of thousands of others protested Obamacare in DC, I spent hours making signs as did thousands of others – I don’t recall any pre-printed signs – I’m sure there were plenty of them given the long lead time to the rally, but I just remember being surrounded by poster boards just like mine and thinking of how many man hours went into each one.) However, after I read that Eric Garner was the “Loosie King of Staten Island,” I had to see for myself what happened.

I am, like many libertarians, horrified by the very idea of a 100%+ tax on anything for the purposes of controlling behavior and to generate revenue to be used to support a state that does more harm than good. After seeing the video, I have a lot to say about it – Garner’s behavior, the cops’ behavior, the underlying alleged crime, the race issue, government and media coverage, etc., so I’ll be leading off the show tomorrow with this story and would love it if you would check out the video. It’s embedded in this video from The Advise Show, which I never heard of before and didn’t even listen to, so I’m not highlighting the commentary, I just watched the video from 1:00 to 5:26 to see the actual footage of the incident.

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I keep reading how the economy is getting back on track – housing prices are up, gas prices are down & interest rates remain low – but I’m not sure I’m feeling it, and in the WSJ today there was an article about how much worse off we are now than we were in 2007.

Basic Costs Squeeze Families

What do you think? Are you better off? Do you have as good a job now as you did then? Is it in your chosen profession?

Another article I read points out something I’ve known all along: Obama is no friend of the working class. That could help explain why under Obama’s watch the economic growth the numbers seem to indicate have mostly accrued to those who were already in positions of money and power. Of course, I don’t think any US President these days merely follows his political ideology, so what’s the real purpose of this weakening of the middle class?

Not Working for the Working Class

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I’m Still Thankful After All These Years…

Every year I think I should write a new Thanksgiving post and every year I realize I’m still thankful — very, very thankful — for the exact same things. So once again, my one and only Thanksgiving post!

Thankfulness Is in the Eye of the Beholder

If you’ve ever listened to my show or perused my website you probably know my story, but I’ll sum it up just in case. I’m the youngest of nine in a blue collar family. We always had what we needed but not much of what we wanted. My parents loved us, worked hard, blah blah blah, but I wanted stuff and I dedicated my whole existence to getting out of my parents’ house and having all the things I needed and wanted: a dry towel after a shower, a whole half a bed, name-brand ice cream–you know, the finer things in life. In pursuit of these dreams, I worked like a dog waitressing six nights a week while going to community college, transferring to Harvard on a full scholarship and ultimately getting a JD-MBA from Stanford. In the course of these pursuits, I accumulated mass quantities of debt and found the man of my dreams (or at least the raw material out of which that man could be crafted). I became an investment banker to pay the debts off–and to start racking up the towels and ice cream–and in thinking I could have it all, I moved to Dallas from Money-Making Manhattan to accommodate my husband’s career, maintain my own and even start a family.

Unfortunately, shortly after the wedding and the move to Dallas, continue reading >>>

Cops Ferg

Why Would “They” Stoke the Ferguson Fire?

Could this have something to do with what’s happening in Ferguson? One of the recommendations of The Report from Iron Mountain is that in order to maintain social cohesion, an enemy must be found; in order to maintain social control, “destabilizing social elements” must be neutralized. The Report says: “It is…possible that the[se] two functions…may be jointly served..[T]here is…ample precedent, in the treatment meted out to disfavored, allegedly menacing, ethnic groups in certain societies during certain historical periods.” (The pdf of The Report is in this post from my show on the subject – go to page 52 of The Report, the section called “Sociological.”) I have thought from the beginning that the powers-that-be foment racial discord for numerous reasons, including fear and control (not to mention focusing us on us-vs-us so we don’t notice it’s really us-vs-them.) The fact that the authorities chose to read the Ferguson Grand Jury decision at night as well as the encouragement the protestors received from the highest levels of government makes Ferguson look like a set-up, but why? I think this Report offers a clue.

oswald shot


by L. Fletcher Prouty

L. Fletcher Prouty was Mr. X, Oliver Stone’s version of “deep throat” in the movie “JFK.” Prouty was “a retired colonel of the US Air Force, jet pilot, and former professor of air science and tactics at Yale University….during the Kennedy years, [he] served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was directly in charge of the global system designed to provide military support for the clandestine activities of the CIA.” (From the book jacket.)

While those credentials can give Prouty a tremendous amount of credibility, they can also throw up a red flag. Something like this–a tell-all by someone associated with the intelligence community–almost always spells disinformation in my experience. Furthermore, it was first published as a serial by the Church of Scientology. That in itself is not enough for me to dismiss the book’s veracity–I know a few Scientologists and they are not as nutty as they are made out to be, however, I have read convincing reports that L. Ron Hubbard was a government operative whose personal history was a “legacy” created for him by Intelligence and whose operations were fronts for psychological experimentation. Therefore, it is somewhat suspect to me that this work by a special operations chief first appeared in a Scientology publication, and I must consider the possibility that this book is in fact disinformation. On the other hand, if this is not disinfo, then Prouty is a courageous hero who should be honored. It’s a tough call!

No matter which way Prouty shakes out, though, good disinformation is still mostly true. This is necessary to establish veracity and can be described as a “limited hangout,” in which the intelligence community deems that it is worth saying some things against interest in order to drive home critical disinfo. My goal in examining a work like this is to take from it the real information, the stuff they are “hanging out,” while not falling for the disinformation.

With that in mind, let me share with you what, to the best of my judgment, are profound truths found in this book. Specifically, what drives the power elite? And how exactly does the CIA micromanage events to serve their goals? Continue reading