The Strip: Getting to the Meat of the Matter

Here’s a pilot run for a new feature I’m considering that I’d call The Strip, in which I will take a story from the mainstream media and strip out the propaganda, political spin or neo-con nonsense and give you the truth or the real libertarian principles at the meat of the matter. What do you think? Would you like to get regular articles like this from me?

One year ago, I watched the official narrative of the Boston Marathon Bombing evolve before my eyes with the final version (if you could nail it down) contradicting the facts and evidence that had emerged, often morphing to try to shoe horn new items into the old story, sometimes rewriting the story or burying the facts when the shoe was just too tight – and the mainstream media dutifully reporting whatever implausible or impossible explanation “anonymous sources who were not authorized to comment” told them.

Not too long after that, the Snowden Affair emerged and NSA spying was front-page news. I would read The Wall Street Journal day after day and see it report things that I knew couldn’t be true based simply on the previous reports I had read in The Wall Street Journal! I was particularly aghast when I read The Journal straight-facedly report General Alexander’s claim that the NY subway plot was foiled using metadata, without mentioning the fact that it had been widely reported that the plot was foiled when British intelligence turned over an email to the US from a specific source it was monitoring.

At first I was shocked when I realized that major media knowingly misrepresented actual facts. I knew there was bias and spin, but I thought facts were reported if only because fear of libel suits keep those institutions in line. Now I know better.

A year ago, I would have been shocked to realize that NBC’s Meet The Press, but even more, The Wall Street Journal, would propagate such an implausible fraud as the letter in Eastern Ukraine that demanded Jews register themselves. That story was impossible to believe from the start because a main issue the East has with the regime in Kiev is its alliance with and reliance on neo-nazis led by the very powerful Olek Tyanhibok and a gang of ultranationalist thugs, also very powerful, called the Right Sector.

With Ukraine’s history at the center of some of the most awful conflict between Nazis and Soviets during World War II, the largely ethnic Russian east is not willing to capitulate to the new coalition in Kiev because of, among other things, the rabid anti-Russian sentiment among these far right types – a sentiment that goes hand in hand with their anti-semitism.

Here is an old quote from Tyanhibok that demonstrates the mindset of some of the elements in the new coalition in Kiev:

They were not afraid and we should not be afraid. They took their automatic guns on their necks and went into the woods, and fought against the Moskali, Germans, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state.

But it isn’t just logic that tells us that the letter demanding that Jews register is a fake. The person whose name is on it, Denis Pushilin, was reported on April 18 to have denied the letter’s validity and explained the ways it is an obvious forgery, from describing him with the wrong title to getting the official stamp wrong. Perhaps it is believable (though I don’t believe it) that John Kerry thought the letter was valid when he referred to it on April 17, but it’s not believable that David Gregory of Meet the Press and his guest, acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, failed to look into the plausibility of this story or looked into it and found it irrefutable as late as April 20 when discussing the letter on the Sunday morning show, or that The Wall Street Journal in good faith thought it valid on April 21 when it printed the Meet the Press exchange in its feature Notable & Quotable.

The letter was a false flag and continuing to report on it as if it is genuine is an act of propaganda of the basest kind by a media whose main goal is to manufacture consent for the actions of the government, right or wrong.

Here is the “Notable & Quotable” feature in The Wall Street Journal published today – well after the fraud was exposed – excerpting Sunday’s appearance of Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Meet the Press during which he discussed with anger the fake letter as though it were real: Notable & Quotable.

The Bundy Standoff: A Worthy Cause? Podcast of April 19, 2014 Show

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Cliven Bundy & The Rule of Law

The Cliven Bundy saga reminds me of the Trayvon Martin case: it is a very squishy example of a very real problem. Because the facts of these cases could be interpreted either way, they divide the rank and file rather than uniting us against the real enemy from above. In light of this, rather than the nuanced Bundy case, it would have been nicer to see the government forced to back down on a cut-and-dried asset forfeiture in which property was permanently confiscated from someone never convicted of a crime (like Rudy Ramirez), or an eminent domain case in which the government seized private property for the benefit of a private developer (like in the case of Vera Coking).

Sometimes I think that political operators deliberately choose cases that aren’t clear-cut because rather than despite the fact that they will generate grassroots activism on both sides of the aisle. In order for this to work, the case must have merit and flaws on both sides of the argument. Continue reading

On Tomorrow’s Show…

Both the events at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and in Eastern Ukraine demonstrate how anti-government action begins and how it might unfold…let’s talk about the causes and prospects in both situations and I’ll tell you my gut on the geopolitical significance of what Putin’s up to…3-6PM ET on News 95-5 and AM750 WSB.


Here are a couple of visuals to get you in the mood…


Just wondering if you think there’s anyway Putin & Lavrov are gonna post a selfie tooling around Moscow in the back of the ZiL? Somehow, I doubt it.

1D274905648555-today-biden-instagram-140417-01.blocks_today_desktop_teaselavrov_and_putin_cc_93013And here is some video of the “pro-Russian militants” who have stopped the heavy artillery in Eastern Ukraine.

Alyssa Monks artist

The Rise of “The Dissipant”

As a libertarian, I don’t advocate for social legislation and I think doing so undermines limited government. That doesn’t mean I don’t actually have social values. The beauty of liberty, however, is that it creates social good without social legislation. Liberty comes with responsibility. In a free society, liberty and responsibility go hand in hand because there are no moral hazards created by illusory safety nets or the artificial disconnection between actions and natural consequences. In a free system, experiencing the consequences of one’s actions gives rise to a stable, just and productive society with human relationships and mutually beneficial bonds at its heart.

I think it is reasonable to claim that the history of the United States through the mid-20th century demonstrates this principle. I don’t think the culture here was perfect then - I certainly would have been miserable with the economic and social limitations my mother experienced – but I would say in net we have traded a strong and virtuous culture for a less rigid but also less valuable one. Specifically, we seem to be losing the legacy of our industrious past and are losing sight of the connection between behavior and outcome. Continue reading

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I’ll give you the latest on the Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, and his standoff with the feds…here’s a hint…it’s a victory for the resistance! Also give you a big picture approach to where all your tax money is going (tax day is just 3 days away!)

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There Is Something Wrong

There is something wrong and we all know it.

What do I think it is? I think it is that power is concentrated in the hands of those with different goals from the people from whom that power derives. I call the top of the pyramid “the power elite” and the source of the power “the sovereign citizen,” but whatever you call it, you have probably noticed the disconnect between our agents, the government we pay for and which acts in our name, and our wishes – better reflected in campaign promises than legislation.

But what can we do? I always answer this question in the same way: Start by not talking yourself out of the truth.

During the last presidential primary season, Continue reading

Saturday’s Show 7PM-9PM ET: Tax Day Cometh


I have some crazy facts and figures about how our governments spend our money. I have concluded that of the almost 40% of our money they take, 75% is wealth redistribution and 25% is govt services including legitimate defense. To arrive at this breakdown, I count much of defense spending as cronyistic regressive wealth transfer to the military industrial complex, and I use the figures below* to demonstrate my point, to wit: Out of the top ten defense spenders, China, Russia & India spend about $300B; the other six besides the US are our indisputable allies and they spend about the same in total: $300B.

World total $1,753

US $682

China 166
Russia 90.7
UK 60.8
Japan 59.3
France 58.9
Saudis 56.7
India 46.1
Germany 45.8
Italy 34

We could actually spend nothing and the odds should be even. But let’s say we want to spend as much as China, Russia and India combined and make the odds 2 to 1 in our favor? That would mean we would spend $300B. In the event of actual hostilities, of course we would ramp up crazily (WWII cost $4T in today’s dollars), but if we just wanted to be as powerful as all our enemies combined, isn’t one way of thinking of it to just match their spending? Of course we couldn’t be the world’s policeman, but that would likely make us safer for two reasons: one, we would stop drawing the world’s fire; and two, we would take away the moral hazard from government to create a threat we need them to fix – that is, they do poke hornets’ nests to justify military spending (and also to benefit cronies – another big reason we have unnecessary enemies in this world).

I understand I’m greatly simplifying the concepts here, but I find that’s a great place to start to access our instincts on some of this stuff that the media and the govt deliberately over-complicate so we won’t call them on it.

What do you think? I’ll read comments from here, facebook and twitter, and also look forward to your calls at showtime: 404-872-0750 and 800 WSB TALK.

*I show the chart above so you can visualize my point but I use the more recent numbers from wikipedia for my calculations.

Report Shows Miriam Carey Shot 5 Times in the Back – Her Death Ruled “Homicide”

Originally posted on American Everyman:

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:Miriam Carey’s autopsy report - shot 5 times. Suffered multiple abrasions and contusions.

UPDATE: See detailed information at the end of this article that explains why Al Sharpton has remained deathly silent on this particular civil rights case.


One of the most shocking and depressing stories that I have covered since I started this website has gotten worse. Much worse.

Miriam Carey’s autopsy report is out and it would appear that our initial reports (conspiracy theorist leaning as they were) were completely correct.

Miriam Carey was murdered in cold blood.

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