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Ten Things That Give Me Hope & More! (video preview of this week’s show(

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This Saturday… A Really Big Shew….

reallybigshew2Football season is fast approaching and my regular time slot will be pre-empted most weeks by UGA football…I’ll do my best to keep putting out content but I still want to wrap up the summer with a bang. My hours this Saturday will be 4pm-6pm ET so I’m going to have to jam it with rapid-fire stuff to get it all in! Here are a few highlights:

  • My take on the market turmoil (I can’t help myself – with my background in finance, I can’t pass up the opportunity to opine on the markets while all eyes are turned towards them!)
  • ASK THE LIBERTARIAN! or, if you prefer, STUMP THE LIBERTARIAN! Again with the help of the lovely Christa DiBiase from the Clark Howard Show, I will take any and all questions via email, facebook, twitter, comments here to my posts, or calls live on-air and answer them rapid fire for the half hour beginning 5:30pm.

What can you do to help make the show better???

  • tell me via email, blog comment, facebook post or tweet WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS COUNTRY TODAY?…What makes you happy, gives you hope, makes you think we live in a better world than when you were a kid?
  • submit in any of the ways listed above YOUR BEST QUESTION FOR A LIBERTARIAN…what do you want to know about libertarian thought or what do you think people misunderstand the most about libertarianism?

Thanks for helping me wrap up this season with a bang!

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The Libertarian Immigration Conundrum

“I began to rethink my views on immigration when, as the Soviet Union collapsed, it became clear that ethnic Russians had been encouraged to flood into Estonia and Latvia in order to destroy the cultures and languages of these people.”
Murray Rothbard
Nations by Consent: Decomposing the Nation-State, 1994

The libertarian position on immigration is clear: every person on earth has the right to work and travel as long as he doesn’t encroach on the rights of others in the process. In a free society, you must accept the consequences to society of the choices individuals make, even if you don’t like them. Fortunately, in a free (capitalist) society, the pricing mechanism gives constant feedback to actors of the costs of their actions, and migration patterns, like the labor market (and in conjunction with it), would constantly adjust to reflect the changing marginal value of the choices individuals are making. The result would be an organic, gradual process of adjustment to technological and demographic changes, rather than the systemic, manipulated upheavals we experience in today’s highly controlled society.

In our controlled society, however, there are many costs and implications of government policy that individuals are literally forced to accept. These are not simply unintended consequences, but deliberate policies crafted to change our underlying culture to further the state’s purposes. These purposes include manipulating the body politic to erode voter defense of rights and liberties, especially property rights and the absolute right to self-defense, as well as (together with trade policy) manipulating the competitive landscape for goods and labor in favor of government-connected firms at the expense of entrepreneurs and individual wage-earners. Perhaps even more sinister, immigration policy may be used as a way to integrate populations and normalize laws across regions to facilitate Zbigniew Brzezinski‘s famous goal of “gradual convergence of East and West.” (For more on this last point, click here; see also my long comment in the “comments” section below.)

In the face of these abuses, is it the correct libertarian position to “take any liberties we can get” even though they are being picked and chosen for us by a power elite intentionally exploiting these principles of freedom to create a less free society?

The Libertarian Conundrum

Here are the main sticking points I see to applying libertarian immigration principles to our centrally controlled society: Continue reading

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A Wall Is the Solution to the Wrong Problem: Podcast of August 22, 2015 Show

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Here’s a great article on the ratification controversy surrounding the 14th Amendment…

Here is the show I did recently in which I defended Donald Trump better than he defended himself in the Megyn Kelly dust-up!

For more of my libertarian views on immigration, check out The Libertarian Immigration Conundrum.

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Stefan Kinsella on AnCap Immigration (podcast)

hqdefaultKOL074 | The Libertarian: Interview by Keir Martland: Argumentation Ethics, Immigration, Libertarian Property Theory

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 074.

This is my interview from The Libertarian, by Keir MartlandIt was released as The Libertarian: Podcast #1. We discussed libertarian theory, Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s libertarian views, argumentation ethics, immigration, and related matters. For further background on these topics see:

I also did a previous written interview with Martland for that site: Interview by The Libertarian.

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Heidi Cruz wants to build a North American Community – what does that mean, exactly?

ted cruz

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, with his Spanish name, Canadian birth and US citizenship, would actually be a natural candidate to be the First President of the North American Union! (n/t The Next News Network)

In today’s video preview of tomorrow’s show, I refer to a document, Building a North American Community, written by a Council on Foreign Relations task force which included Heidi Cruz (i.e., Mrs. Ted Cruz), who expressly agreed with the recommendations in the report. What are those recommendations? Here’s a sampling, but I highly recommend you read the whole text (it’s large print and only 32 pages of actual report, the rest you can skip):

  • To lay the groundwork for the freer flow of people within North America with the ultimate goal of full mobility of labor and goods across Canada, Mexico and the United States. To facilitate this, rules and regulations on labor and the environment among other things should conform across the “trinational” region. “[T]he three countries should make a concerted effort to encourage regulatory convergence…including harmonization at the highest prevailing standard…and unilateral adoption of another country’s rules.”
    • “Make a North American standard the default approach to new regulation….The new trinational mechanism also should be charged with identifying joint means of ensuring consistent enforcement of new rules as they are developed.”
  • Increase information and intelligence-sharing at the local and national levels in both law enforcement and military organizations.
    • Conduct annual training exercise to develop interoperability among and between law enforcement agencies and militaries of the US, Canada & Mexico.
  • Create a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers.
  • Establish a North American energy and emissions regime that could offer tradable voucher systems for emissions trading.
  • Creation of a North American Advisory Council with a complementary private body “that would meet regularly or annually to buttress North American relationships, along the lines of the Bilderberg or Wehrkunde conferences, organized to support transaltantic relations.”
    • Creation of a North American Inter-Parliamentary Group that will include US Congress along with Canadian and Mexican Parliamentary representation, who play key roles in policy toward each other. The newly created North American Advisory Council (likened to the Bilderberg Group) “could provide an agenda and support for these meetings.”

Lest you think the CFR has no real influence on our government, recall this…

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If you build a wall, who will man the gate? (video preview of this week’s show)

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